Creating memories that will last a life time.

Our family home and the countryside serves as our studio, our workshop and our inspiration. Our family dinner times are never quiet as we usually spend that time discussing our new ideas and forming our new dreams. Our 2 wonderful children have grown-up and left the home on their own life-journey. The times they are not here are spent with our beautiful and loving dog, Blue who loves his hugs and cuddles. Bella ( Blue's mom) has passed in January 2020 and all of us miss her so very much.
Going through the grief ourselves, gave us greater appreciation for the need to keep that lasting memories close to our hearts. This is one of the reasons I started to make Cremation Jewelry. In trying to heal my own heart, I try giving others a very special keepsake to keep with them forever. Being able to provide a little bit of peace, a smile or even some happiness to someone who's grieving has provided us with a purpose to our life.

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